Our product

Enginn is a tool for content creators to voice text and manage the generated audio data for their projects.

Create voices

Craft a character to create a new voice for them. You can manipulate multiple characteristics to obtain the voice you want.

Screenshot of the character creation page
Screenshot of the scene page

Create & test dialogues

Once you have created your characters, you can make them voice anything you want. Just write the lines of your scene, your monologue or your dialogue and let Enginn do the rest!

You can then reorder your lines, insert new ones or rework some. And, of course, you can listen to the result as many times as you like.

Iterate & improve

Each voice line can be reworked until you get the perfect result. You can access the entire history of takes, mark some as favorites and, in the end, choose the one you want for your creation.

Screenshot of the line view
Screenshot of a dictionary entry

Use custom words

This feature allows your characters to pronounce custom words such as nouns created for your creative universe. You can also use that feature to have your characters pronounce some existing words differently, and even have them speak in an imaginary language.

Manage your data

Once you have voiced a good amount of lines for your project, you will need a proper tool to manage that data. Use this feature to browse, sort, filter, tag & review all your data in one single place.

Screenshot of the line manager
Screenshot of export options

Import & export

If you have an external source of text for your lines, such as a localisation file, you can use it to create all your lines in Enginn. This feature helps you fix coherence issue, missing information and other potential issues.

Once you have voiced your project, you can export all your audio files or directly sync them on your computer.