Instantly create the voice of your characters

Enginn synthesizes human-quality voices on-demand for video games.


An ideal dubbing engine for all your video game productions

Iterate as soon as you launch your project

Dub all your dialogues within a few hours

Integrate up to 7 different languages

Thousands of voices available

Our Artificial Intelligence models provide you with a wide variety of voices and emotions.


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A man
A woman

Enginn is integrated in your game engine

With an intuitive interface:

  1. 1- define your characters
  2. 2- link your texts
  3. 3- fine-tune actor direction
  4. 4- start dubbing

Enginn's game engine plugin is directly linked to our servers

What studios say

For a studio such as ours, that specializes in narrative-heavy games, Enginn Technologies' solution is a dream come true.

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